MiniLinks™ - 9 or 18 Hole Course


Less cost with more mobility. The MiniLinks 9 or 18 Hole portable miniature golf courses offer rental companies the chance to take fun to the customers, while at the same time summer camps, driving ranges, hotels, senior living communities, parks, and many more can add value to their establishment, or drive revenue with this unique form of entertainment.



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 Updated: September 16, 2013

MiniLinks™ by Tour Links

Click on a picture of a hole to see a larger picture of the hole. Both MiniLinks 9 & 18 Holes, come with our without Props. Holes are portrayed with props, props are optional.

Precision Price Match


# of Holes MSRP Lease Pmt.
18 Holes $21,650
9 Holes $11,381
Hole #1
Hole #1 - Around the Corner

Around the Corner

Hole #2
Hole # 2 Between the Yellow Light

Yellow Light

Hole #3
Hole # 3 - Big Blue

Big Blue

Hole #4
Hole #4 - Gum Drop Lane

Gum Drop Lane

Hole #5
Hole #5 - Hold Your Breath

Hold Your Breath

Hole #6
Hole #6 - Keep to the Left

Keep To The Left

Hole #7
Hole #7 -  Landing Zone

Landing Zone

Hole #8
Hole #8 - Narrow Path

Narrow Path

Hole #9
Hole #9 - Off The Wall

Off The Wall

Hole #10
Hole #10 - Point to Point

Point to Point

Hole #11
Hole #11 - Stop and Go

Stop and Go

Hole #12
Hole #12 - Straight Shot

Straight Shot

Hole #13
Hole #13 - Take Dead Aim

Take Dead Aim

Hole #14
Hole #14 - Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick

Hole #15
Hole #15 - The Snake

The Snake

Hole #16
Hole #16 - Tight Squeeze

Tight Squeeze

Hole #17
Hole #17 - Tight Turn

Tight Turn

Hole #18
Hole #18 - Zig Zag

Zig Zag

*  Lease payments are based on 3 Year Lease.



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