Clubhouse Golf Simulator Enclosure

Clubhouse Golf Simulator Enclosure is the first luxury component golf simulator enclosure on the market. Fully customizeable, you can add or take away any feature and totally make it your own design. It is portable and stationary, designed to provide the best of both the portable and custom build in features. After a couple of years of feedback from golf course banuqet and restaurant managers, we designed the Clubhouse Golf Simulator Enclosure as the solution to their challenges.



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 Updated: September 16, 2013

Precision Clubhouse Golf Simulator Enclosure

The Clubhouse Golf Simulator by Precision Golf
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Precision Clubhouse Golf Simulator Enclosure

The Clubhouse Golf Simulator is designed to accommodate high speed camera tracking technology, but it can be used for the optical sensor technology also. You will just need to add a sub-floor for the optical sensor technology. With plenty of padding, you will not be subjected to balls flying back at you as you swing your club. The Clubhouse is made of extremely durable modular framing that is easy to assemble. Thereby making the Clubhouse an excellent choice for golf courses that cannot forfeit 300 sqft for a golf simulator.

Add the following for a fully functional Camera Based Golf Simulator:

  • VS Elite Golf Simulator $15,975 Hardware and Software
  • Sports Coach 3D Dual Camera Golf Simulator  $16,850
  • Projector $999 (4000 Lumens Projector)
  • Sim Optimized Computer $1500 (Capable of supporting E6Golf Software, Red Chain)

Clubhouse Golf Simulator Enclosure

  • Dimensions: 14' W x 18' D x 9'+ H
  • Padded Wall Enclosure.
  • Whisper Quiet Impact Projection Screen.
  • Lush Premium Turf (specific to high speed camera tracking systems)
  • Faux Sand, Rough, and Fairway hitting panels.
  • Lightweight, durable, portable, and easily assembled framing.  Designed to quickly attach to the padded panels.
  • Customizable exterior finish.  Standard exterior finish is heavy gauge vinyl panels.
  • Projector extension and mount.
  • Computer cabinet, and a 19"  inlay in the padded walls of the enclosure for a touch screen monitor.
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