Multi Sport Simulator

Multi Sport Simulator is an outstanding way to maximize your profit. If you have a crowd that enjoys sports, you can add plenty to your bottom line. Simply, turn it on, and let them play their favorite sport. With a bill and/or card acceptor the multi sports simulator is an outstanding passive income addition to any family fun center, sports bar, or sports arena. Plus, with the corporate sponsorship, and in software advertising, you can double and triple your money making investment.



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 Updated: September 16, 2013

Multi Sports Simulator

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Space Requirements

  • 14 foot width 
  • 18 foot depth
  • 10 foot height


  • State-Of-The-Art High Speed Camera Technology
  • Real Balls and Real kicks, shots, pitches, passes, hits.
  • High Score recorded on system.
  • Ads in the game software available.  Advertising on outside and inside of simulator enclosure.
  • Larger than life appearance.
  • Easy to use game console with touch screen.
  • All sporting equipment included.

Visit our Youtube page to view some videos of these sports simulator in action. Click Here.

Lease payments start at $455/mo. 

Call (518) 456-4386 or fill out LEASE APPLICATION (click here).



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