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Visual Sports makes golf simulators and sport simulators, that both use their industry leading object tracking technology, Microsight Technology. With four high speed cameras, Visual Sports is able to track objects for golf simulation and sports simulation. Precision Sports enjoys working with the Visual Sports products, because of the ease of use of the Visual Sports Golf Simulator and the their 5 in 1 Sports Simulator. We have exhibited their products at bar mitzvahs, sporting arenas, and for indoor golf facilities, we have actually re-named Visual Sports products as the "Set it and Forget it" Golf Simulator.



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Visual Sports has E6Golf!

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E6Golf on Visual Sports Golf Simulators!


Visual Sports EliteX with E6Golf, $18,999 Limited Time Only!

 Updated: September 16, 2013

Visual Sports Product Catalog

The Visual Sports Catalog has camera based golf simulators, and multi sport simulator. Each has a variety of structures/enclosures designed to fit any budget and space requirement. Visual Sports is an excellent choice for commercial venues, as well as residential.

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