Profit Sharing Placement Program

Profit Sharing Placement Program is a sharing in the profits from the revenue generated by golf simulators. Typically the parties involved are a Host Location (a business that has a building or business that is conducive to indoor golf), and an investor (a business or person that has purchased golf simulators for commercial purposes). These two parties agree to a percentage split of the profit from the simulator(s) for an agreed upon period of time.


Profit Sharing Placement Program

Who is Profit Sharing Placement good for?

Profit Sharing is good for every business interested in indoor golf simulators for profit.  It is especially beneficial for businesses that are not sure if adding golf simulators is the right move for their business. This leaves room for experienced operators of indoor golf centers to partner with a host location, and place golf simulators at the host location for commercial purposes, for an agreed upon period of time.  

Precision Sports has a wide range of experience with maximizing profits with golf and sports simulators. We are the right company to partner with, because our ultimate goal is to show you how to profit with golf simulators, multi sport simulators, or the portable miniature golf courses, it is not just to sell you a product, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with you while you are learning about the business.  

Typically we supply the golf simulators, multi sport simulators, or miniature golf courses, and you as the host location will provide the space needed to install our equipment. Our staff will maintain the equipment, and you and your staff will be trained in how to operate the equipment, and we share in the profits that come from patrons paying to use that equipment. In most cases, you as the host location will benefit from additional sales in food and beverage, as well as other ancillary items that you may have for sale at your establishment.

If you think that our Profit Sharing Placement Program is for your business, please complete the contact form, and be sure to check the box for Profit Sharing Placement Program and the type of product you are interested in having placed at your business, and one of our Profit Sharing Placement Specialists will assist you in getting set up for our program. 

Speak to one of our Profit Sharing Placement Specialists.




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