With UNEEKOR QED sensing technology you unlock confidence in every swing with the power of authenticated precision. Let’s transform your performance and gain greater love for the game.

Available for immediate purchase! Launch monitors $6,000 – $8,000

The Orange Whip Trainer

  • $109.00 value
  • Length: 47 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs.
  • Designed for men and taller women 
  • Simulates driver motion 
  • Recommended to maximize core fitness and flexibility 
  • Most physically demanding Orange Whip

Whether you are a Tour Player or a beginning golfer, using the Orange Whip Trainer allows you to feel if your swing is actually in rhythm and balance. Providing a low impact workout, the Orange Whip Trainer will increase your flexibility and strengthen your golf muscles. Ask any Tour Player or Golf Instructor and they will tell you it's the perfect warm up tool because it properly stretches your golf muscles while perfecting tempo and balance. Three key components that make up the patented design of the Orange Whip Trainer; a weighted orange ball, a counterweight, and a very flexible shaft. The orange ball replaces the club head and allows you to focus on swinging naturally without worrying about the position of the club face. It's weighted to promote a fluid swinging motion rather than a jerky hitting motion. The counterweight balances the Orange Whip, stabilizing your swing from the start through the finish. It's essential in providing critical feedback on whether you are loading and unloading the golf club properly.

The Orange Whip Trainer shaft naturally promotes the need to swing in rhythm creating synchronization between your arms, upper body, and lower body. The result is a perfect tempo and balanced swing creating more consistent and powerful shot making on the course. Feedback from the Orange Whip Trainer is instant and any wobble in the swing indicates a need to improve tempo and balance. Swinging it, you will naturally find the tour like motion needed to be a better golfer.

"The Orange Whip is the best device I have ever seen to develop a correct feel for sequencing the hips and core to whip the arms and club properly.” 
- Jim Hardy, PGA, 2007 PGA National Teacher of the Year

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Eye XO Launch Monitor

Brand New Technology!


EYE XO is an overhead launch monitor that adds a whole new level of capability without complexity. Features include:

  • More sophisticated club data with reflective pattern 
  • Totally new software EYE VIEW, which includes cloud service Stronger Optix feature with significantly enhanced resolution 
  • High-frame-rate swing motion camera and analysis system 
  • Fully integrated with major software programs available in the market 
  • Well-suited for outdoor driving range, day and night 
  • Multiple international patents for EYE inventions by Uneekor 


Equipped with (2) Ultra High Speed Cameras, (≥3000 fps each) that provide real-time footage of ball spin, club path and true impact



  • Ceiling-mount installation 
  • Dual high-speed camera system 
  • Embedded with QED Ignite 
Uneekor hyper-speed cameras

Uneekor Integrates with the Following Software

Creative Golf 3D

  • Over 150 European, Asian, and American courses
  • Amusing games, including Target Golf, Minigolf, and Demolition Golf
  • The practice golf courses allow you to improve your skills on driving range, short game area and other practice facilities

e6 connect

  • Play all the Courses from E6 Connect 
  • Up to 90 Hi Class US and European Golf Courses
  • Base Package comes with 27 Courses

tgc 2019 - the golf club

  • Play 100+ Golf Courses 
  • Superb 4K Graphics 
  • Connect with others and play online 
  • Build you own courses and play on it

Fun and Effective Course Play & 'On Course' Practice Modes

Stroke Play

  • Realistic course play 
  • Realistic course map 
  • Practice rounds improve your skills

Course Practice

  • Use any hole in the game as a practice hole 
  • Practice approach shots, drives or chips and putts 
  • Place ball anywhere

Driving Range

  • Trackman-level data and posture in real time 
  • Smart practice environment 
  • View all data in a single screen 
  • Optimized for PGA professionals

Short Game Complex

  • QED’s core practice program has even more modes 
  • Optimized for improved direction and distance accuracy

A Package for Every Budget

We are excited to offer a customizable, complete Uneekor simulator package!

Start with the Uneekor launch monitor, customize the software, select optional gaming computer, projector, impact screen, hitting mat, enclosure and accessories! Everything you need for a complete setup in one spot!