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aG Links is more than the best indoor golf simulator. It's a true-to-life golf experience. Renowned golf courses, crisp graphics, data collection during every shot, and a custom-designed facility will enhance your space and your game. No other virtual golf game is this great for pros and amateurs alike.


Choose one of our golf simulator configurations to enhance your space and your game.


Ideal for home theater integration, our flat screen provides the optimal experience for cinema, gaming, and golf. Multi-purpose entertainment is taken to new heights with its stunning image, which can be upgraded to a 4K projection system. The flat screen layout can be customized to your space, no matter the size.

Starting at $46,500

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Our curve screen’s infinite possibilities in simulator width, arc length, curve depth, and peripheral view make it flexible enough to fit most spaces. No matter the specifications, the curve screen produces the ultimate rendering of your favorite courses. The curve model runs 18 feet to 30 feet wide, 18 feet to 20 feet deep, and 9 feet to 11 feet tall.

Starting at $69,500

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aG Trainer

Do you binge HGTV and live the DIY lifestyle? aG Trainer is our DIY simulator-in-a-box that delivers our precision technology at a low price point. You’ll get a high-performance laptop, 3Trak® technology, hitting strip, stance mat, cables, and step-by-step installation instructions.

Starting at $17,500

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aG Trainer Pro

The aG Trainer Pro Simulator is the perfect entertainment center for a golf fanatic. You'll get aboutGOLF’s award-winning technology with a high-definition projector and an enclosure complete with impact padding and premium ball-striking mats. We deliver everything you need to be immersed in the game—except the clubs.

Starting at $27,500

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