Accurate, digitally-controlled,
real-world slopes for indoor golf

The all-new, connected, adjustable playing surface. 

If you’re trying to get better at golf, you can get there quicker on a Green Stage.

The Zen Green Stage® is an all-new product for 2021.

It creates real-world slopes indoors, for golfers – for both putting and full swing play.

Connect it with your technology for a revolutionary new indoor golf experience. Its playing surface adjusts accurately, in seconds, to within +/- 0.1% of a gradient. It is so stable and powerful that you can change its slopes from your phone or tablet, while you stand on it.

Simple to use, safe, and engineered to world-class standards for Tour players, coaches and private golfers seeking the ultimate golf experience at home, the 2021 Zen Green Stage® is a fundamental step forward for indoor golf. 

  • Unique all-direction movement
  • Double-breaking putts
  • Putting and Full Swing
  • Rapid slope transitions
  • Up to 10% gradient left-right
  • Up to 8% gradient up-down
  • NEW Precise Wi-Fi control from your phone or tablet
  • NEW Future-proof: connects with tomorrow’s technology
  • NEW Precise accuracy +/- 0.1%
  • NEW Stand-on-stage control
  • NEW Auto self-levelling and calibration
  • NEW Intuitive control system
  • NEW Safety features
  • NEW Self-assembly option
  • NEW Ultra-real putting turf
  • NEW Strengthened design supports multiple players at once
  • NEW Dramatic in-floor installation option
  • NEW Adjustable Strike Turf mat

Practicing or coaching on a flat surface indoors doesn’t represent the reality of a sport which is, after all, played on predominately sloping surfaces. The new 2021 Zen Green Stage effectively creates a powerful, robust, digitally-controlled adjustable golf course for you to use indoors, at your home or in a golf studio

~ Nick Middleton, Founder


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Future-proof your golf studio, bring real-world slopes indoors

Plays like a real golf course – indoors!

Un-level the playing field, and say goodbye to flat-surface indoor golf with the Zen Green Stage®.

Hit full shots from sloping lies. Recreate pressure putts, including double-breakers.

 Experience infinitely-variable breaking putts and full-swing indoor golf. Say hello to more realistic practice.

Say hello to capturing new launch monitor data. And for the first time, putting in a golf simulator is no longer an anti-climax.

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Technology Integration

Integrate your existing system with the adjustable Zen Green Stage.

The 2021 Zen Green Stage integrates with your technology to produce the best-possible indoor golf experience.

Use Green Stage with:

-  Launch monitors
- Golf simulator software Augmented Reality
- Virtual Reality
- Putting analysis
- 3D force plates
- 3D biomechanics Ball tracking Training aids
- Video systems
- AI and Machine Learning
- Eye tracking
- Gait analysis
- ECG and brain monitoring
-  Wellness metrics
- Research projects

Just as launch monitors have become universal, within a few years the Zen Green Stage will be everywhere.

~ Jon Karlsen, Tour Putting Coach

Now we have Zen Green Stage, our putter sales are 100% up on last year.

~ John McDonald, PGA Head Professional

The Zen Green Stage has joined launch monitors as one of the essentials for the modern golf studio.

~ Phil Kenyon, Tour Putting Coach


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