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HD Golf is the best interactive golf simulator you can buy. Incredible realism, accuracy and ease-of-use create an indoor golf experience with no comparison. Play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or dozens of other REAL Championship Courses. Our golf practice simulators are perfect for indoor golf centers, fitness centers, and more. You can also install our HD golf simulators to enjoy virtual golf at home, in the office, at hotels and resorts, and in your e-sports bar. Whether you want an HD golf simulator for your home, business or recreation center, our top golf experience guarantees all-ages fun and excitement. Explore HD Golf today to discover the incredible golf experiences that await you.


We deliver life-like realism through our revolutionary Image Processing Software.


HD Golf™ Simulator Model 16:10 Curved

Available in the following sizes:
Executive - 9' Tall x 14' Wide x 20' Long
Standard - 10' Tall x 15' 6" Wide x 20' Long
Championship - 11' Tall x 17' Wide x 21' Long

HD Golf™ Simulator Model 16:10 Flatscreen

Available in the following sizes:
Executive - 9' Tall x 14' Wide x 20' Long
Standard - 10' Tall x 15' 6" Wide x 19' Long
Championship - 11' Tall x 17' Wide x 20' Long

High Definition Golf Simulator Dealer

HD Golf™ Simulator Model 4:3 Flatscreen

Available in the following sizes:
Executive - 9' Tall x 12' Wide x 18' Long
Standard - 10' Tall x 13' Wide x 19' Long
Championship - 11' Tall x 14.6' Wide x 21' Long
Grand Champ - 12' Tall x 16' Wide x 22' Long

HD Golf Simulator

HD Golf™ Standard Components:

  1. HD Golf™ Proprietary Metal-frame and Multi-Element Nylon Screen
  2. HDTV Compatible LCD Projector with Mounting Bracket
  3. HP Workstation
  4. IST Computer Vision Ball Tracking System with Quadvision Technology Incl.: Launch Angle, Ball & Club Speed, Club-Face Angle, Swing-Path Measurement
  5. Touchscreen and Swing-Arm Mount
  6. Computer Cabinet with 4 Shelves
  7. Professional Quality Golf Stance and HD Softstrike™ Tee Mat
  8. Professional Grade Nylon Turf
  9. Custom Draperies, Baffles and Ceiling Tracks
  10. 250W Stereo Sound Incl.: Audio Amp and Paradigm Speakers

Comprehensive & Accurate Measurement

HD measures ALL critical object & club parameters to analyze every shot. At minimum 4 cameras work together during the player action sequence. They analyze club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed) and smash factor.

These comprehensive measurements are critical, but the accuracy of these measurements is equally important. HD Simulators measure with supreme accuracy. For example, we measure club face angle contact to within 1/10th of 1 degree and ball spin to +/- 100 RPM.

Accurate ball and club measurements
The system measures every aspect of your golf club and your swing.

Jim McLean


Simulator Club & Ball Tracking

HD Golf pioneered the use of Computer Vision Technology in the golf & multi-sport simulator industry. Our patented smart-cameras take more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator company. In real-time and throughout ball flight, our software converts these measurements into visually realistic shot outcomes that keep players coming back.

Simulator Measurements

We measure ALL critical input & ball parameters to analyze each shot a player makes on the simulator. There are, at minimum 4 cameras capturing their swing. They analyze spin, club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), and smash factor.

Simulator Accuracy

Comprehensive measurements are critical, but the accuracy of these measurements is equally important. HD Golf's simulation software measures with supreme accuracy. For example, we measure club face angle contact to within 1/10th of 1 degree.

Golf Ball Spin

Our virtual golf software features a dedicated and integrated spin camera, which is an industry first. Mounted above the player and accurate to +/-100rpm, it provides accurate & realistic ball flight, bounce & roll-allowing you to put subtle or aggressive spin ensuring accurate & realistic competition.

HD Golf™ Professional Golf Instruction Studio

Your game improvement HQ includes exceptional ,easy-to-use tools and modules like Video Swing Analysis in this one-of-a-kind golf studio. It can overlay your swing with the ideal swing – delivering actionable feedback to the golfer. Use pressure mapping and weight transfer in combination with video swing for full spectrum virtual golf swing analysis.

Better still, capture and send video swings to your golf instructor in our indoor golf studio. They can use the optional microphone and record audio feedback to share and send back to you. It’s a great way to accelerate improvement remotely!

To further lead the industry in Pro Instruction Studio capabilities, HD built Jim McLean’s 8-Step Swing AND the Dave Pelz Backyard Experience: both deliver world-class virtual golf instruction in a fun and exciting way!

Player Locker Rooms

  • Includes a suite of diagnostic tools to analyze every part of a golfers swing in real time.
  • Provides comprehensive data collection and customizable performance reports.
  • Online connectivity for easy reviewing and sharing of audio/video files, lessons, statistics, club fitting, tournament standings and more.
  • Extensive selection of world famous golf courses, driving ranges, chipping/putting greens and skills games.
  • Creates a teaching environment that engages students and makes them excited about training.
  • Enables facilities to offer lessons year round, regardless of weather!


Take virtual golf instruction to the next level with one fully integrated golf studio.

  • Accessible Information: All player stats and information are stored in the cloud based HD Golf™ Locker Room.
  • Universal: Players can access their Locker Room on any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Full Data Analysis: The Player Locker Room stores detailed Shot Data, Statistics, Video Swing Analysis Videos, Lessons, Club Fitting information as well as all historical Tournament and League play.
  • Communication:The Communication Portal connects golfers with instructors, your club and each other.
  • Ease-of-Use:Quickly and easily manage simulator reservations, clinics, leagues, tournaments and advertising.
Golfer's swing mapped on screen

HD Golf™ Professional Golf Instruction Studio

Give yourself the ultimate advantage on the course with HD Golf’s Video Swing Analysis. Our golf swing camera system will help you improve faster, make lasting changes, and record your success. ensures trackable progression, actionable insight and shareable results. It’s like having your own film crew & instructor beside you as you practice. It’s easy-to-use and highly accurate!

When trying to improve your game or take it to the next level, it is very important to understand how subtle changes can affect your overall play. HD Golf™ Video Swing Analysis is feature-rich and includes a complete set of drawing and editing tools.

  • Automated Swing Capture: no operator required to hit a key on the keyboard to trigger the swing capture.
  • The Perfect Swing: Compare your swing to that of the pros! HD Golf™ Video Swing Analysis is the only golf simulator that features The Perfect Swing which incorporates the swings of Ernie Els, Ben Hogan & Tiger Woods
  • High-Speed Cameras: Module uses high-speed cameras (120 frames per second) with special wide-angle lenses to capture data.
  • HD Golf™ cameras also work well in low light and in situations where space is at a premium, such as an indoor hitting bay.
  • Video Playback is always sharp and easy for players and coaches to review.
  • Editing Tools: HD Golf™ Video Swing Analysis module includes a complete set of drawing & editing tools easily accessed from the touch screen. Freeze Frame, Side by Side Comparison, Slow Motion Playback and the ability to save swings for later review.
  • Module is easy to setup and even easier to use. Just connect the cameras (included) and you are ready to go.
  • No need to purchase a costly second computer and software.
  • USB Wireless Microphone
  • Deluxe Module includes 2 High Speed Cameras at 240 frames per second.
  • Additional Camera with Lighting for Video Swing Analysis.
Golfer standing on HD Golf pressure mat

The HD Golf pressure mat is the ideal tool for instructors to teach golfers to optimize energy transfer and increase distance.

Graph tracking weight of golfer's stance

The center of pressure (CoP) mapping measures the percentage of pressure on lateral and heel to toe which provides data for golfer to achieve optimal energy transfer.


High Definition Golf™ Weight Transfer/Balance Analysis provides instructors with a comprehensive series of balance measurements, collected at every point of the students swing including: Balance, Weight Transfer, Center of Gravity and Tempo. The HD Golf™ Pressure Mat, (with Sensor Technology from BodiTrak) provides a detailed analysis (based on 600 sensors) which indicates key pressure points allowing golfers to see micro-moves that cannot be seen on video.

This information is seamlessly integrated and synchronized with our Video Swing Analysis, allowing you to freeze frame and evaluate your swing at any point, such as Address, Transition and Impact. All specific information including graphs and weight distribution patterns are presented on the touch screen and big screen for easy review.


The HD Golf pressure mat provides instructors with a comprehensive series of balance measurements collected at every point of the students swing.

  • Center of Gravity
  • Tempo
  • Balance
  • Weight Transfer

Jim McLean has taught more than 100 PGA Tour, LPGA and Senior PGA Tour players and his Eight Step program is both the best-selling golf DVD and golf book in America. Now, through HD Golf™ simulators, anyone can access this method of training that has helped build some of the greatest golfers in the world.

The HD Golf™ simulator records and analyzes a golfer's swing in real time. When the system detects that the golfer's position and swing are out of the “corridor of success” or have committed a “death move”, the simulator will automatically alert the golfer and presents him or her with video coaching from a “virtual”Jim Mclean

“Step by step, a golfer is able to perfect every element of his swing.” - Jim McLean


  • HD Golf’s™ Golf Simulator records and analyzes a golfer’s swing in real-time, breaking it down into McLean’s 8 steps – from setup to follow through.
  • The goal at each step is to stay within McLean’s “corridors of success,” or safety zones in which the golfer’s club and body are in a good position to strike the ball well. If the golfer remains within those corridors, the system will indicate that they have “passed” that step and can move onto the next.
  • HD Golf™ Simulators also analyzes and detects “death moves”. A death move, a term coined by McLean, are actions that will kill your game, or positions that are so far from ideal – that you cannot recover to strike the ball well. When the system detects that the golfer’s position and swing are out of the “corridor of success” or have committed a death move, it automatically alerts the golfer and presents him or her with video coaching from a “virtual” Jim McLean as well as some appropriate lessons, drills and tips to improve performance.
Jim McLean video coaching player on HD Golf Simulator


Operating system screen

HD uses stable, application specific/high performance, virus & bug-free LINUX OS. Its supreme reliability and performance creates a powerful system that can process incredibly complex data sets for accurate ball flight and object tracking.

Golf course modelling

HD Golf developed revolutionary 3D modelling software to incorporate REAL COURSE DATA (hi-res digital images, geophysical and satellite + drone data) into the player experience. This creates exceptional realism and game-play. HD is the ONLY simulator company to use real course data, the result is game-play that LOOKs and PLAYs like the real course.


HD Golf Clubhouse Management System login screen

Commercial Simulator Operations

Easily manage multiple simulators and players with the HD Clubhouse. Review, make and edit reservations, tournaments and leagues. Reduce overhead while streamlining profit by minimizing the need for onsite staff and automating many of the simulator functions.

Commercial Simulator Operations

The Clubhouse Management System provides the complete package for managing your golf business from making reservations for simulators, clinics, setting up leagues, tournaments or even advertising your latest events. As well, there are several features for the player including their own Player Profile and Locker Room where they can store all their stats, lessons etc.

The system provides the opportunity for players and instructors to collaborate on lessons, drills, critiques etc. and send information to their student’s cloud-based Player Locker. It also offers a means for players to communicate with other players or instructors using the Messaging feature of the program.

Manage tournaments screen on HD Golf Clubhouse Management System software


Take Golf Instruction to the next level with one fully integrated and modular clubhouse management system.

  • Clubhouse - Can be branded to specifically reflect your facility. Advertise special events, special food and drink, upcoming tournaments or leagues etc.
  • Locker Room - Includes players profile and complete statistics. All statistical information on Tournament Rounds, Personal (My) Rounds, Leagues, Video Swing, Lessons, Club fitting and Fitness. Players can view tournament or league standings at any time via the Internet. Instructors can upload lessons, drills and critiques to a players Lessons Section of their locker room. Can provide critical analysis of a players golf swing, using the available tools to draw lines indicating both proper position and stance. Instructors can include audio about new drill information, so players can review and practice. Instructors can conduct lessons or clinics remotely i.e. reaching players at their home, indoor golf centers etc.
  • Leagues - Allows players to form leagues either remotely with friends or leagues from any place in the world. It is the best golf club management software to quickly and easily manage leagues, track scores, and provide standings at the click of a button.
  • Tournaments - Players can play competitive tournaments with other players either locally or from around the world.
  • Reservations - Ideal complement to business management allowing the convenience of management or players making their reservations on line for simulators. Allows the management of simulators remotely and manage several different locations at once. Book Instructors or Clinics. Can be used by the front desk/concierge for booking simulator or instructional reservations
  • Messaging - Messaging function allows players to communicate with each other. Can communicate with everyone in a league or tournament. Instructors can message back and forth with the player regarding lessons, critiques etc.
  • Administration - Complete administration function allowing facilities to manage all aspects of their simulator business. Monitor simulator usage, time, hours etc. to establish profitability benchmarks. Set up all the simulators for leagues or tournaments at the click of a button, no more manual set up of each individual simulator. Improve facility time management and efficiencies. Eliminates extra paperwork with a cloud-based system. Remotely set up all simulator courses for leagues or tournament play. Generate reports from the database providing information on all aspects of your simulator business players.


Enterprise - The Enterprise Version offers you the complete version of the Clubhouse Management system for the management of all aspects of a multi-simulator business.

Professional - The Professional Version is ideal for both League and Tournament Management as well as for Instructors for lessons and Player Management.

Individual - The Individual Version of Clubhouse Management provides players with the use of their personal Locker Room and all of its features.

Virtual Stadium Golf

HD Golf Target Pro Tour™ is a set of high-energy, visually engaging games guaranteed to spark competition between you & your friends. We re-imagined the driving range and created games like Gambler, Sharpshooter, Domination and Eliminator within the HD Golf™ Stadium. With new games always being added, you’ll be glad you joined the tour!

Game Modes

Add 30+ Sports & Games To Your Golf Simulator

Easily add HD Multi-Sport to your HD Golf Simulator. Starting at $795, the simple software download converts your sim into a stadium with endless gaming possibilities and multiplayer fun! Enjoy football, soccer, baseball, hockey, sport shooting, lacrosse and dodgeball in addition to golf.

Whether you’re an elite coach working with athletes or having carefree fun with friends, HD Multi-Sport™ is THE destination for indoor, on-demand sports.

We make it easy for you to get in the game while continually expanding the library of sports you can play. Players love using genuine sports equipment and the incredible realism of the simulator. It’s an on-demand sporting experience with no equal.

Multiplayer Sports

Maximum fun, competition and skills development can be yours to share as you finesse your skills, compete with others and try new sports. We make it easy for you to get in the game, with intuitive play, genuine sports equipment and incredible realism.

Whether you’re an elite coach working with amateur athletes or just having some fun with friends, HD Multi-Sport™ is THE destination for indoor, on-demand sports.

Man throwing baseball in HD Multi-Sport Simulator

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