HD Multi-Sport

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  • Bountiful Ridge  
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  • Firestone  
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  • Par Three Ocean  
  • Par Three Mountain  
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  • Kuneticka Hora  
  • Le Sorcier  
  • Losby
  • Oslo
  • PGA NationalPebble Beach  
  • Spyglass Hill   
  • Spanish Bay  

HD Golf™

HD Golf™ delivers visually stunning, on-demand golf, with a level of realism incomparable to any competitive system. Play the World’s Finest Championship Courses including Pebble Beach and St. Andrews with your best friends. Let the screen wrap around and pull you into a golfing environment so vivid, real and engaging, you’ll want to apply sunscreen. Practice and fine-tune your game on multiple dynamic driving & chipping ranges and practice greens with integrated performance analytics. Create your own, or join one of the many exciting online tournaments available. HD Golf is your portal to the exceptional golf you’ve always dreamed of. It’s also the choice of many PGA Tour Pros, including Bubba Watson, Louis Oosthuizen, Bryson DeChambeau and Fred Couples.

“I wanted the best golf simulator technology – so I chose High Definition Golf™ . When you play golf for a living you want the best tools available to keep your game sharp. HD Golf™ is the most realistic simulator I have ever seen.”

– Bubba Watson, Two Time Masters Winner

HD Golf course

Target Pro Tour™

Target Pro Tour™ delivers high-energy, visually engaging games guaranteed to spark competition between you & your friends. We re-imagined the driving range and created games like Gambler, Sharpshooter, Domination and Eliminator within the HD Golf™ Stadium. With new games always being added, you’ll be glad you joined the tour!

HD Footgolf™

HD Footgolf™ combines 2 of the world’s greatest sports: Soccer and Golf. The game is played on a golf course, following the same format and rules as standard golf. The major difference: equipment. A ’21 inch cup’ replaces the ‘golf hole/cup’ on the green, and players kick a soccer ball versus hitting a golf ball with a club. With plenty of course options and adjustable performance settings, anyone can play and have a great time!

Woman playing HD Footgolf

HD Soccer™

Bend it like Beckham! Master the Penalty Kick in the HD Multi-Sport™ Soccer Stadium. Develop junior to experienced players’ skills, compete with friends or challenge the computer opponent. Select the Play-Action Scenario, Distance, Performance Boost, Opponent Difficulty – then play!

You’ll appreciate every perfectly sequenced kick. When you kick the soccer ball, it feels and responds faithfully – transferring onto the big screen and towards the goal in a completely realistic manner. The thunder of the crowd and ambient soccer chants add excitement, creating a sporting experience like no other. Pass the included gaming controller to a friend so they control the on-screen goalie while you try to score. Switch it up, keep track of goals on the user scoreboard and declare the winner.

“My buddies & I are blown away by HD Multi-Sport™ – it’s simply amazing!”

– Dax McCarty, Decorated MLS All-Star

HD Soccer man kicking ball into net

HD Baseball™

HD Baseball - man throwing a pitch


Rip a fastball down the middle and defeat the batter on our Major League inspired pitching mound. Fantastic for the elite or aspiring player, our incredibly precise measurements ensure a year-round, weatherproof practice facility for your pitch! Use the spin data & ball analytics to help perfect your curveball or slider.

Professional to Pinto sized ball diamonds, pitching difficulty and ‘Powerboost’ are easily adjusted, ensuring players of all ages and skill levels have a great time. HD Baseball™ truly delivers America’s Favourite Pastime in a compelling new way.


Point towards center field and hammer it deep into the bleachers. Host your very own multiplayer Home Run Derby. It’s just plain fun and ignites the competitive spirit in everyone. Even the playing field with ‘powerboost’, so even inexperienced players get that ‘homerun’ experience.

Nothing beats a game-winning home run, but a well-placed grounder past shortstop should get you on base. Introducing ‘True Field’, the realistic, variable-inning batting experience from HD Multi-Sport™. A full complement of computer opponents take the field, vying to keep you from advancing. Realistic batting, scoring and 3 outs creates a faithful representation of baseball. Adjust your swing, find gaps, beat talented fielders and be the hero at your next ball game. Pass the included controller to a friend and alternate between batting & pitching for a true multi-player battle. Better yet, activate the screen-in-screen option, pop on the big game and host an interactive World Series party combining both fun & excitement.

HD Football™

QB Passing

Throw a touchdown pass to clinch victory on the HD Multi-Sport™ gridiron. Perfect your spiral, work on pass depth and improve throw force with the incredibly accurate spin measurements and realism. Track performance in real time with our comprehensive throw analytics and rewrite your own playbook. Scenario complexity, varied patterns and distances ensure transferable performance to the stadium next time your team needs you.

Field Goal Kicking

Finesse your end-over-end kicking with the Field Goal experience. Tee up the football, select the distance and go for it! Imagine watching the Big Game and recreating that touchdown pass the pro just missed. Play for bragging rights or even higher stakes if your skill can back your ambition. Used by numerous NFL players, HD Multi-Sport is the premium way to have fun, compete and improve.

My family loves our HD Simulator. We started with HD Golf, and recently added HD Multi-Sport. The HD Multi-Sport add-on gives us Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Sport-Shooting, Lacrosse, Bowling and our favourite… Football!

– Ben Roethlisberger, NFL Superstar, 2x Super Bowl Champion, 6x Pro Bowler

HD Hockey™

Go top shelf with HD Multi-Sport Hockey™. We’ll put you in the arena to be an all-time league leader. Impress your friends and snipe the corner as they control the computer goalie. Keep track of shots-on-net, puck speed and goals scored. Enjoy friendly competition and track skills progression with the easy-to-use, cloud-based Player Locker-room. With multiple scenarios, variable difficulty levels and ‘Powerboost’, it’s easy for everyone to enjoy the adrenalin-pumping thrill only hockey delivers.

HD Hockey™ is setup for both single and multi-player use; easily alternate between goal-keeping and scoring. We’ll help you deliver big-time action on the ice. So whether you’re the owner of a sports bar, or a sports fan looking to create the ultimate man-cave, hockey is a crowd-favourite!

“The system is great, it calms me down after a game. It’s easy to use, realistic and accurate. It’s nice to come in here and play for a few hours before going to bed. The kids love it, it’s awesome, I think it’s great!”

– Brent Seabrook, Three Time Stanley Cup Champion

HD Hockey - man taking a shot at the goal

HD Lacrosse™

HD Lacrosse™ is a must-have for any true sports enthusiast. Our simulator brings the action and excitement only lacrosse delivers – direct to you. Precise measurements ensure ball spin and speed are incredibly accurate while multi-player options make competition exciting without the bruises! Engaging play-action scenarios, reactionary targets and speed drills combine to deliver a great day at the arena!

HD Lacrosse - boy taking a shot at net

HD Shooting™

Explore the great indoors! Accurate and safe, HD Shooting, delivers multi-player excitement and thrills with fast-paced action! Immersive & dramatic environments offer plenty of room to track both stationary & moving targets with a realistic user experience.

Target Shooting

Experience our Western Saloon Shoot, Carnival Shoot or save the world in Zombie Survival! Track shots-on-target and accuracy percentages with both pistols & shotguns. Have fun while becoming a crack shot! Integrated scoring and multi-player options ensure everyone has a great time.

Sport Shooting

‘Pull!!’ You’ll love HD’s growing repertoire of Sport Shooting scenarios. Try Single Trap, Double Trap and Skeet with adjustable difficulty settings. Use the replica laser shotgun to break ‘clay pigeons’ in a fun, competitive environment! Various distances, ‘clay’ speed and patterns keep competition fun and scalable regardless of skill level and experience.

Alien Assault

The fate of humanity…is in YOUR hands! Defend Area 51 from invading aliens with your pistol or assault rifle. Players of all ages & skill-levels are thrilled by this futuristic, multiplayer mayhem!

Zombie Survival

It’s you against the undead in our apocalyptic thriller! Scores of zombies attack while you defend with a pistol, shotgun or assault rifle. Single or multiplayer play-action combines with adjustable difficulty settings – ensuring players of all ages and skill levels have a great time.

HD Hunting™

Dramatic locations and variable species inspire friendly competition and a dynamic hunt. Explore the great outdoors in our digital world without the bugs! Adjustable difficulty levels ensure both new & experienced hunters equally enjoy their time in the field!

HD Duck Hunt

As dawn breaks, settle into your blind and begin the hunt! Let the excitement build as you scan the horizon and ‘Call’ ducks. Shoot them on-the-wing with your HD Shotgun as they fly into range. Great for single and multiplayer!

Pheasant Hunting

Head to the fields with friends for exciting pheasant hunting! Shot difficulty and speed can increase your points and awards!

Wild Boar Hunting

Hunt packs of wild boar deep in the bayou. Your trusty AR with 20 round magazine makes short work of these easily spooked, highly-aggressive beasts. Short, medium and long-distance packs a wealth of challenging shots into every turn. Adjust difficulty for both single or multiplayer and incredible realism makes this fun for everyone!

Rabbit Hunting

Hunt hare in the field with your trusty gun-dog. Scan for movement while he points and flushes quarry from cover. Shoulder your shotgun and take the shot. Fun and challenging, your prey’s speed and stunning agility keeps excitement up and your reflexes sharp! Single or multiplayer, varying levels of difficulty keep the novice to experienced hunter engaged and having a great time.

HD Dodgeball™

Fear the Apocalyptic terror of zombies as you survive an onslaught of the undead! Dual wielding your trusty pistol and a dodgeball, it’s up to you in this last stand for the sake of humanity. The exciting, tension-fuelled gameplay is a crowd pleaser, and perfect for anyone with a sense of imagination and a thirst for the supernatural. Various settings make Zombie Dodgeball easy for any mortal to enjoy – and single or multi-player options keep the hordes coming in droves!

Man playing HD Dodgeball

HD Bowling™

Your friends & family will LOVE a great night in with 10-pin Cosmic Bowling! Unleash your competitive nature; throw a strike with our full-sized bowling ball and set a family high score!

Automatic scoring, dramatic pin-action views and elusive 3-strike Turkey celebrations deliver immersive & realistic excitement for everyone. Build confidence and keep kids smiling with integrated ‘Bumper Bowling’. This setting inserts virtual gutter bumpers into the game – keeping the ball in play and spirits soaring!

Man playing HD Bowling