Used Golf Simulators

Used & Preowned Golf Simulators at an Affordable Price


Precision Sports is the industry leader for both new and used golf simulators. Our facility researches, tests, and learns everything there is to know about golf simulators, from our PGA Pro and our Golf Simulator Technology experts.


Our state-of-the-art research lab is operated in a combination of Google and the PGA Show to ensure you are getting the best simulator available. 


Brands carried at our facility include Full Swing, aboutGOLF, and High Definition, amongst other top-tier platforms.  


Each major golf simulator on the market is put through a series of tests before we decide to purchase the equipment.  


The honest and objective approach taken by our staff to helping you find the simulator that meets your needs is unparalleled.


What is a Pre-Owned Golf Simulator?


Used or pre-owned golf simulators means the platform has been refurbished, updated and upgraded with manufacturer parts that are warrantied and supported.


Pre-owned golf simulators have been reconditioned and updated using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warrantied parts and software to ensure the simulator is working in top condition.


Precision Sports Simulator is the only retailer in the country that is certified by Full Swing Golf to support, repair, and warranty Full Swing Simulators. This ensures you are receiving a simulator in the good working order that will leave you thinking it is brand new.


Why Buy a Used or Pre-Owned Golf Simulator?


When affordability, price, value is just as important as quality, purchasing a premium golf simulator at a fraction of the cost of a new simulator is an ideal solution.


Purchasing a used or pre-owned simulator is supported by the manufacturer through warrantied parts and additional support.


Not only that, but second-hand simulators will not depreciate in value as quickly or substantially compared to a new simulator.


Premium brand golf simulators are engineered to last, meaning you are getting the most out of your investment.

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Used Golf Simulators

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