Precision Sports PRO ENclosure


Premium aluminum extruded tubing


Industry standard highest quality screen material


Developed and backed by the folks who led the industry in innovating and establishing the standards for simulator enclosures practiced today

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The Precision Sports Difference

The Precision Sports Pro simulator enclosure is available in standard sizes from 5-20 feet deep by 9-10.5 feet high by 12-16 feet wide.

The frame consists of premium grade extruded aluminum with .125" thick side walls. The top beams on all four sides are 1" x 4", legs on four corners 2" x 2", and floor beams on four sides 1" x 2". Connectors are simple, easy to install, and last a lifetime. This is a very sturdy design that will hold up to the heaviest use.

The top and side skins are 100% polyester premium commercial 8.3 ounce fabric and come in seven colors. Optional ceiling baffles are of matching fabric and colors, as are 2" thick foam filled pads on all four sides of screen.

We only use the finest screen material that has proven in the industry to be the longest lasting, best reflecting, and best performing. It was designed specifically for simulator screens, 100% polyester, very heavy 13.8 ounce, three layers.

Designed by the people who literally invented fabric golf simulator enclosures and pioneered the first quiet, seamless screens, these enclosures are the product of decades of experience in high utilization environments.

The Precision Sports Pro enclosures offer the best warranty in the business, and are a notably better value than the competition.  

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