Custom Enclosures

Upholstered Wall Treatments

Ideal for hard wall enclosures. Here are the advantages of our panels:

Upholstered wall treatments diagram
Wrench and screw driver
Number 1

Super Simple Install

Take an enclosure from blah to brilliant in 3 simple steps.

Paint board
Number 2

Eye Catching Colors

Rich colors to complement your furnishings and decor.

Number 3


An extra layer of padding for maximum comfort.

Number 4

Foam Padding

Soft-density cushion for insulation and form.

Number 5

Wood Support

Sturdy, lightweight base for durability and portability.

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Number 6

Easy-care Finishes

4 plush options, all lovely and low-maintenance.

Home Theater Curtains

Ideal for room dividers.

Gray curtain around simulator

Curtain Options

Our curtains come equipped with 4 inch pipe pockets and grommets in the top allowing them to easily hang from a curtain rod or track. Our curtains are extremely opaque and block light from entering through making them ideal for many applications including simulators, room dividers, blackout curtains, and more.


Curtain track diagram

Curtain Tracks


Custom Hard Wall

Ideal for room dividers.

Hardwall around simulator

Hard Wall Options

Our Hard Wall Finish is an outstanding way to make your golf simulation imagery pop right off of the impact projection screen. Providing an amazing indoor golf experience all while protecting the wall behind the Hard Wall Finish.


Our Design Process

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Step One


The first step in the process is a consultation with our professionals. During this meeting we aim to get a better understanding of the project and how we can make it a reality. During the consultation, we ask that you share your vision of the golf enclosure with us. To ensure we have a solid understanding of your plans, a series of questions will be asked.

By doing so, we can help guide you down the right path. We will also address any questions you might have during this time. So, if you have questions on what technology to use — or what we recommend, we will provide you with information to ensure the best decisions based on the vision, space, and budget have been made.

Check list

Step Two


To develop a plan that will fit the needs of the space, the Precision Sports team will work directly with your contractor, architect, and designers to develop a customized plan. Our process includes consulting directly with your team to ensure plans for the custom golf enclosure have been made to include:

- Spacing requirements
- Room optimization to maximize traffic flow
- Integrated audiovisual system- Sound systems
- Lighting
- Desired color schemes

Pencil and ruler

Step Three


After a plan has been established and agreed upon, our design team will create a three-part design process which includes the following:

1. Up to three conceptual 3D design renderings.
2. Designs that your contractor will need to prepare the room for installation — including wiring layout, lighting, and blocking.
3. Production plans, which provide details as to how the vision will be brought to life.

Hammer and wrench

Step Four


The experienced installers at Precision Sports will work to ensure the installation process exceeds your expectations. Most of our simulator installations are completed within two to three days as a lot of the work is done off-site in preparation for your install. We also ensure that when our staff leaves your home or facility, everything will be ready to use the new golf enclosure — or entertain your friends.

If you’re ready to schedule a consultation or you’d like to learn more about our customized golf simulator enclosures, contact us today.

Build Your Dream Golf Simulator

Yes, we have everything you need to build a custom golf simulator room of your dreams. But the good times you’ll have? Those are definitely not a simulation.