aG Trainer

Do you binge HGTV and live the DIY lifestyle? aG Trainer is our DIY simulator-in-a-box that delivers our precision technology at a low price point. You create the enclosure and select your audio-visual equipment, and we’ll send you a high-performance laptop, 3Trak® technology, hitting strip, stance mat, cables, and step-by-step installation instructions.

Starting at $17,500
Consumer & Business Financing Available!

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aG Trainer Pro

The aG Trainer Pro Simulator is the perfect entertainment center for a golf fanatic. You'll get aboutGOLF’s award-winning technology with a high-definition projector and an enclosure complete with impact padding and premium ball-striking mats. We deliver everything you need to be immersed in the game—except the clubs.

Starting at $27,500
Consumer & Business Financing Available!

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Ideal for home theater integration, our flatscreen golf simulators provide the optimal experience for cinema, gaming, or golf. Multimedia entertainment is taken to new heights with their stunning image, which can be upgraded to 4K.

Starting at $46,500
Consumer & Business Financing Available!


The perfect in-home or commercial golf simulator for players who want to be immersed in the game whether you’re playing a round at the Old Course, simulating a transatlantic flight, or watching a movie with the family.

Starting at $69,500
Consumer & Business Financing Available!

What makes us different?

Flawless Pinpoint Precision

Repetition is the key to success. Our unparalleled authentic playing experience allows you to step on the green without missing a swing. Your shot shape will never get lost in mathematical translation.

Custom Built For Any Space

Whether you want your garage transformed into a practice room or need an entertainment space with stadium seating, our seasoned installation crew can make your dream a reality.

Your Entertainment Value

Get the most out of your sim with the top audiovisual equipment. You'll feel like you’re in the game whether you’re videogaming with friends or playing putt-putt with the kids.

The Best in Instruction

Your golf coach is going to love your new sim. Our data accuracy is unparalleled and aG Flix provides a world-class integrated video recording system with up to five cameras to simultaneously record your swing.

World-Class Support

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Whether you’re trying to squeeze in some practice time or playing with friends, our picture-in-picture capability allows you to simultaneously stream the big game or your favorite show.

Why aboutGOLF?

The Best in the Business

Since its inception 20 years ago, aboutGOLF has been on a never-ending quest to provide the best simulated golf experience on the market.


The aG platform helps me give my students detailed feedback on their golf game so they can better understand what they’re doing and how to specifically improve their game.

Michael Breed

Try before You buy!

Visit our Super Showroom!

Indoor golf simulators have the potential to transform your swing from ordinary to extraordinary, but where do you start? Precision Sports is the only company to offer a Golf Simulator Research Lab! Visit our CNY office to try all of the major golf simulators on the market in one location, before purchasing. Need Pro advice? Our PGA Pros can assist you in determining the best Sim for your needs.

And if your flying in, ask about our demo credits!


3Trak Technology Ball Tracker

Unbeatable Accuracy with 3Trak®

aG indoor golf simulators for home and business are powered by 3Trak®, our three-dimensional camera and tracking system.

Machine vision technology extracts precise club and ball data from dozens of images per swing—regardless of speed, spin, or launch angle. 3Trak® technology is the key to our pinpoint precision. We don’t estimate spin. We measure it. Ball flight is replicated in the simulator using advanced flight and terrain physics. The result is a true-to-life golf experience.


aG Clubhouse Software

AboutGolf clubhouse makes running your business efficient & easy

Manage your facilities at scale. aG Clubhouse provides a “single pane of glass” to monitor and manage players, rounds, and simulators from a convenient, easy-to-use interface. aG Clubhouse can help you run your enterprise in a simple and efficient manner.

Manage Multiple Simulators With Ease

Equip your business with the power of aG Clubhouse to manage multiple simulators at once. Take advantage of the following capabilities:

  • Set up rounds for your incoming customers & tackle issues as they arise.
  • Easily add and manage player profiles for your customers to get the most out of your sims.
  • Keep an eye on players as they progress through their rounds.
  • Get your customers into monthly aG competitions or create your own events.
  • Track scores from individual rounds or competitions and easily print them for users.
  • Get your league members scheduled and running in a snap.
Two commercial golf simulators
Pamphlet of aboutGOLF business strategies

Everyone Wants Their Business To Be As Profitable As Possible

That’s why aG’s focus has shifted away from “just selling a simulator” to partnering with you to win the game. We use our experience and technology to assist your business with becoming a profitable, engaging, and exclusive destination. We offer more than fantastic indoor golf simulators. Click the link below to read more about our business strategies:

Creating Half A Million In Annual Winter Revenue

aG Locker on phones

Introducing aG Locker

aG Locker is the cloud-powered golf app​ that gives you access to your game and the aG Community — anytime and anywhere.

  • Use your mobile device to analyze data generated during practice sessions on any aG golf simulator.
  • Give instructors access to your online locker for remote coaching.
  • Find an aG golf simulator near home or on the go using the indoor golf center locator.
  • Get a seamless user experience with friction-free log-in to any aG golf simulator in the world.

Performance Data & Sim Connection

All Your Golf Data in One Place

  • Track every shot you take in aG Links.
  • Know your actual distances for every club in your bag.
  • Identify trends in your game and ways to adjust.
  • See real-time progress of every aspect of your game.

Seamless User Experience

  • Friction-free log-on — simply create an aG Locker account and easily log into a sim anywhere in the world.
  • Take your shot data with you anywhere.
aG Locker QR Code
aG Locker social hub

Your Golf Community & Social Hub

Connect to the Game

  • Join a growing global community of modern golfers.
  • Connect with players who love the game as much as you do.
  • Post and share your personal bests and achievements, like that 300-yard drive!
  • Grow your own personal following and share your insight.

Compete with the World

  • Compete and connect via local and online competitions.
  • Local, regional, and global competition.
  • Simple online event registration and real-time leaderboards
aG Locker virtual course, golf ball with marks on it

Play Renowned Courses From Around the Globe

aG’s virtual golf courses are three-dimensional, including terrain, trees, and foliage.

If you hit an obstacle with a golf ball, it impacts your play as if you were playing outdoors. At aboutGOLF, we are proud to say that our indoor golf simulators deliver a true-to-life experience from tee to green.

Events and Competitions

Compete on local, regional, and national levels with aG’s Alpha Tour. The Alpha Tour puts your game to the test and prizes on the line (open to players of all skill levels).

  • Pinpoint (closest to the pin)
  • Longest Drive
  • Stroke Play
  • Putting Challenge

Compete in the comfort of your own home or at any participating indoor golf center.

Events screen
Driving ranges screen; golf club

Driving Ranges

Practice or warm up on aG’s wide array of ranges:

  • Canyon Range Venue
  • Mountains
  • World Long Drive
  • Tropical
  • Waterfalls
  • Target Green
  • Putting – uphill, downhill, break left, break right
  • Breaking Glass Target

Club Fitting

Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect equipment. aG’s club fitting feature allows side-by-side comparisons of shot data for different clubs.

  • Shot data is collected using a statistically neutral range and produces averages of shots per club.
  • Reports are also available in PDF format to print or email (compatible with iOS and Android).
aG Member screen; golf bag and clubs

MB 360 Range

The ultimate 360-degree practice range with a variety of course layouts, shot settings, and target locations so you can practice with every club in your bag. Available venues include:

  • Traditional Practice Range
  • Narrow Dogleg Left
  • Water Dogleg Right
  • Bunker with 6 Greens and 28 Pin Locations
  • Water Par 3 Peninsula Hole
  • Approach Shots

aG's Virtual Golf Courses

  • Individual Courses
  • Ashley Farms  
  • Atlantis
  • Bay Harbor, Links and Quarry Bay
  • Harbor, Preserve
  • Donald Ross Memorial
  • Far East Tour
  • Casa de Campo, Teeth of the Dog
  • Casa de Campo, The Links
  • Colorado Golf Club
  • Druid Glens Country Club
  • Le Golf National Albatros, Ryder Cup 2018
  • New Springville Country Club
  • Hollow Grounds
  • Huzhou Hot Spring Golf Club
  • Kukulchon Sanctuary
  • Kynvart Golf Club
  • Myrtle Beach Tour
  • Nine Dragons A
  • Bethpage Black
  • Chapman's Infamous 18
  • Hazeltine National, Ryder Cup 2016
  • Hazeltine National, Members Setup
  • PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles
  • Nine Dragons B/C
  • Old Palm Golf Club
  • Oriental University City Golf Club
  • Par 3 Showcase
  • Parkland Golf and Country Club
  • St. Andrews Collection
  • Jubilee Course, St Andrews
  • New Course, St Andrews
  • Old Course, St Andrews
  • Pebble Beach Collection
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • Spyglass Hill Golf Course
  • The Links at Spanish Bay
  • Pebble Beach Collection
  • Blackwolf Run, Meadow Valleys
  • Blackwolf Run, Original Championship Course
  • Blackwolf Run, The River
  • Whistling Straits, The Irish
  • Whistling Straits, The Straits, 2020 Ryder Cup
  • Gapyeong Benest Golf Club
  • Grand Country Club
  • Taeyoung Country Club
  • Daegu Country Club
  • Lake Hills Country Club
  • Namchon Country Club
  • Mauna Ocean Golf and Resort
  • Montvert Country Club
  • TGV Country Club
  • Continental Collection
  • Aleria Gardens
  • Donoma Pass
  • Kulkuchon Sanctuary
  • Peligro Range
  • Czech Collection
  • Konopiste D’Este
  • Konopiste Radecky
  • Carolinas Collection Collection
  • Harbour Town
  • Pine Needles Golf Club
  • The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island
  • Archive Collection
  • Casa de Campo, Teeth of the Dog 2011
  • Casa de Campo, The Links 2011
  • Jubilee Course, St Andrews 2011
  • New Course, St Andrews 2011
  • Old Course, St Andrews 2011
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links 2011
  • Spyglass Hill Golf Course 2011
  • The Links at Spanish Bay 2012
aG Content hub

Introducing aG Content

aG Content is a centralized hub that keeps you entertained while giving you the ability to consistently improve your game.

Events and Competitions

Compete on local, regional, and national levels with aG’s Alpha Tour. The Alpha Tour puts your game to the test and prizes on the line (open to players of all skill levels).

  • Pinpoint (closest to the pin)
  • Longest Drive
  • Stroke Play
  • Putting Challenge

Compete in the comfort of your own home or at any participating indoor golf center.

Events screen
Strike game screen

aG's Ball Strike Games

Refine shots and hone green placement with pinpoint accuracy on a variety of fairways.

  • Razor's Edge: Hit as straight and far as feasible, but with an added challenge.
  • Bend-It: Players must hit a green that's protected by forcefields.
  • F-O-R-E: Like the game H-O-R-S-E in basketball, your goal in this multiplayer game is to hit a green and be the closest to the pin.
  • Conquest: A new take on Capture the Flag, each player must capture as much territory as possible by landing on greens.
  • Mini Golf Games

    Classic Games

    • The perfect addition to large parties and events.
    • Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive contests.
    • Leaderboard and on-course leader markers.
    • Available on any hole of any course.
    • Unlimited participants.

    Challenge Point-Based Games

    • Competitive sand shot games that place you around traps.
    • Games involving unique shots over and around water hazards.
    • Imaginative shots with natural course obstacles to navigate.
    • PAR 3 and PAR 5 challenges.
    Mini golf screen

    Many Sports, One Platform

    The brand new Multisport sensor from aboutGOLF brings additional fun and games for the whole family to the aboutGolf Simulator environment. Games including cornhole, skee-ball and soccer will test your skills for hours of fun and laughter as you challenge yourself and friends.

    Man kicking soccer ball


    Channel your inner Ronaldo in a collection of soccer challenges including Penalty Kick mode and Target Challenge.

    In Penalty Kick mode, you'll take on an ai goalie of varying difficulty levels as you try to score as many goals as possible.

    You can also test your skills in Target Challenge mode where you show off your golden boot to rack up points by scoring in different areas of the goal.


    The midwest's favorite backyard game is finally making it's big screen debut!

    Now you can play cornhole in your home or at an indoor golf center near you regardless of the weather.

    Use real cornhole bags and take a friend on solo or play some 2 v. 2 with a group to determine who'll be crowned Prince or Princess of the Plywood!

    Cornhole board in backyard
    Person rolling skee-ball


    With the Multisport add on for your golf simulator, you can also play the old arcade classic, skee-ball, in a variety of fun ways!

    Kick a soccer ball, roll a bowling ball, or break out the putter and challenge your friends to beat your high score!

    Laser Shot Shooting Simulator Add-On

    For over 10 years Laser Shot’s hunting simulator systems have been installed in commercial venues and homes worldwide. The system uses the latest in laser hit detection technology to provide an accurate and realistic shooting simulation experience.

    *Additional Add-On Required

    3Trak Technology

    What's Included?

    • Multisport Depth Sensing Camera System
    • 6 Soccer Balls + Pump
    • 8 Cloth Cornhole Bags
    • 6 Skee/Dodge Balls

    Starting at $4,400


    The Value Of An aG Subscription

    With an aG Subscription, you never have to worry about missing an update. You’re guaranteed priority access to the freshest content, courses, and games we have to offer for our indoor golf simulators. Your subscription includes access anytime and anywhere with aG Locker, the cloud-powered golf app from aboutGOLF.

    Golf flag and hole

    Commercial Subscription

    Run your business the right way with the aG Commercial Subscription. You'll get access to all of our courses, ranges, games and more plus exclusive business tools.

    Golf ball and tee

    Residential Subscription

    Everything you need for the optimal in-home simulator experience. Get all of our 85+ courses plus every range and game for your family to enjoy.


    • aG Propreitary Software Package
    • Software & Firmware Updates
    • Software Update Center
    • AG Premium Course Library (85+ courses)
    • Full Driving Range Suite
    • Technical Support / Customer Service Package
    • Michael Breed 360 range
    • Online games & contests
    • aG Data
    • aG Locker
    • Commercial tools (ad kit, fundraising, club fitting & analytics)
    • Service Package
    • Remote Health Monitoring
    • Entartainment Add-On Package
    • aG Consumable Goods Discount
    • Annual Care Package (Dozen Balls & aG Tee Kit)

    Business Improvement Features

    • Clubhouse - Business Management Suite
    • Custom Advertising Kit
    • Fundraising Software
    • Club Fitting Software & Tools
    aG Flatscreen

    aG Flix is our world-class integrated video recording system that instructors love.

    3Trak Balance Pro

    PGA Professionals understand that footwork is vital for a consistent swing. Master it by measuring it.

    Computer screen with two windows open

    Simultaneously stream the big game and squeeze in a round.


    Our partners gain a competitive edge by offering customers the best-in-class platform for the Modern Golfer. We collaborate on customized solutions, driving results that fit your vision.

    Speak to a PGA Pro!

    Chat with our on-staff PGA Professional, Kevin Cain, who can help you decide on the perfect simulator that suits your goals, budge and space best!

    Come Try Out the Different Simulators, Side by Side, in our Super Showroom!

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