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You deserve the most advanced technology at a price that won’t hold you back. You have a right to top notch customer service from a company whose mission is to stay with you on every step of your path to conquer your game. Train with the most trusted data in the market and consider which launch monitor is right for your level and budget. The QED and EYEXO overhead type, super speed camera-based launch monitors provide you the ultimate freedom with a wide hitting zone for both lefty and righty.

A Package For Every Budget

We offer a customizable, complete Uneekor simulator package! Start with the Uneekor launch monitor, customize the software, select optional gaming computer, projector, impact screen, hitting mat, enclosure and accessories! Everything you need for a complete setup in one spot!

Uneekor Simulator Package

Creating a fully-loaded golf simulator at home has never been easier! Uneekor is the fastest growing launch monitor on the market. Combine it with all the accessories and products you need to have the ultimate home golf simulator setup.

Included with this Package:

  • Uneekor Tracking Technology
  • Uneekor Software
  • Precision Sports Enclosure Kit and Impact Screen
  • Plus many optional accessories

Min. room recommendation of 14’ Wide x 9’ Tall x 16’ Deep

Starting at $7,000

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